Noabers & Nature
Editorial Design - City Guide
What is it?

A conceptual city guide for the small village I am from called Hellendoorn in the east of The Netherlands. The concept was inspired by 60-70s interior patterns.

Hellendoorn and these patterns?

I choose to be inspired by the bars and the nature that most people seek when visiting Hellendoorn and created this geometric world.

I expressed this through 60-70s interior patterns, because some houses/bars still have this style and these patterns tend to be rather floral inspired. So, in this way I could refer both to bars and natural sites to visit.

I choose the bar De Barbier and De Kroon (now Noabers) and the two nature sights de Regge (river) and de Hellendoornse berg (means mountain, but it is actually a 40 meter high hill).

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