Editorial Design - Harmful Stereotypes - Book
What is it?
Detailed is a book that shares personal stories of people are being affected by harmful stereotypes in daily situations and places such as: on the street, in the medical world, at work, on the screen, in any social setting, and in the classroom.
Project Partner: Sine Eising

What's inside?

The book is divided in interviews, personal quotes, personal stories and articles, and in the middle a serie of harmful stereotypes are displayed on black and white pages.

The photography was highly edited with a duotone corresponding to the chapter and blurred in order to make it harder to see details and force people to take time to discover them, like they should in life. The colours are from the entire spectrum to enhance the idea of being inclusive.

Take time to understand people, because we all have our stories. Take time to understand that stereotypes do not apply to all and can be genuinely hurtful.

Change of rythmn

To create some sort of human touch and different rhythm in the book, we also added pages that are made of more thin and soft paper, that show small stories of people. The titles are handwritten to convey the idea of personally written letters.

When the book is opened, six levels of semi-transparant papers with the six colours gradually reveal the title below. And within each chapter two photos can be taken out to be taken with you, because we can all use a reminder to refrain ourselves from stereotyping.

Take time to discover details everywhere.

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