Brand Identity - Spiritual Biking Festival
What is it?
WA-Festival, a spiritual biking festival on the Japanese Island, Miyajima. It focusses on both spiritual and physical health of the person by exploring yourself and both religions on the island through bike tours.
Project Partners: Cristopher Gelati, Abbie Denton, Lodovica Ardissone

WA? What?

WA stands for a type of harmony in Japanese culture. It is essentially a philosophy they live by. This applies fully to the island as well, because Miyajima has nature, animals and people live alongside one another - while maintaining a high sense of respect for everything that exists.

That also includes the fact that even two religions live alongside one another without conflict: Shintoism and Buddhism.

This harmony is so deeply rooted in their way of living, it had to be embedded into the identity of the festival.

WA-festival, what will we do?

The WA-festival has a program that can be filled in individually. You receive a bike and a card set that both explains you things about the island and gives you practices from both religions to also discover yourself on a different level.

You choose when to visit which temple, when to try meditation practices, when to try some local food or simply enjoy some music in the main area.

We choose to incorporate biking, because it has meditative effects on a person. Also, the island does not allow cars, so walking and cycling is the most convenient.

Below you can see the icons that are spread on the island to guide the participants. The red ones are spread on the cycling routes, and the lighter ones in the center in order to not disrupt the center.

Ride with Spirits!

Photography and Editorial Design - Chair - Booklet